VILLA PARADISO cosmetics line

The Villa Paradiso cosmetics line has been created in one of the most popular European Preventive Medicine Clinics – Villa Paradiso Clinical Beauty, located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Garda. Thanks to 25 years of experience in anti-aging therapy and “beautiful” aging, the clinic has become one of the most prestigious in Europe.

The Villa Paradiso cosmetic line fully combines the philosophy of “warning” and “prevention” of biological aging and photoaging. Scientific research on skin physiology is an integral part of each formula.

Cosmetics do not have the usual restrictions and protocols, as they are tailored to each client’s individual care needs.

Villa Paradiso:
– Unique, high-quality cosmetics that allow you to achieve maximum visible and tangible results in a short time
– An innovative approach to skin care
– Good soaking of cosmetics, which does not need to be washed, and which continues to work even after application
– Biocompatibility, the action of cosmetic products is enhanced as a result of natural skin regeneration processes
– A full range of services for face and body, hand and foot skin, hair and nails
– A wide range of options to combine Villa Paradiso products, depending on the customer’s problems
– Professional care for work in the cabin and for use at home

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