Electroporation or non-invasive Mesotherapy

“Santa” – May 2019
June 6, 2019
Fractional radiofrequency
November 15, 2018

Intensifying action

Electroporation is a biophysical phenomenon in which cell membrane permeability is increased through externally applied pulsed electric fields. This method is used in professional aesthetics for its ability to increase the permeability of skin tissues to cosmetic substances. The treatment allows to transmit, at a different depths', into the epidermis and the dermis, of specific active ingredients even of high molecular weight. Electroporation allows to treat many skin imperfections with immediate success both on the face and body of women and men, with excellent results visible from the first application.
The results of the treatment: immediate visible and lasting improvements in skin quality without pain and side effects, healthier and more homogeneous skin, effective treatment of cellulite and stretch marks, as well as the removal of local fat deposits.

  • Pregnancy (breastfeeding)
  • Menstruation (for easier pain and bleeding)
  • Current dermatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Presence of intra-tissue or myoelectric metal bodies (prostheses, plaques, screws, etc.)
  • Psoriasis
  • Phlebopathies
  • Psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, nerve diseases
  • Oncology
  • Severe forms of hypertension and cardiopathy